The Four Brothers of Peking


Casts : Yang Mi, Fu Dalong, Zhou Jie, Chi Shuai, Mickey Yuan

Set during the end of the Qing dynasty, court official Tong Shan loses three of his four sons during an attack by bandits while returning to the capital, Beijing. He is left with his youngest son Tong Yu Guan and for 20 years, he searches in vain for the rest of his sons using his only link to them – through their individual jade pendants. Unknown to him, his 3 older sons were adopted by various people and are living in the capital as well.


Relic of an Emissary

Casts : Joe Ma, Michael Tse, Kate Tsui, Sammul Chan, Ellane Kwong, Joel Chan, Chan Chin Pang, Lau Kong

The founder and first emperor of the Ming Dynasty, CHU YUEN-CHEUNG have just passed away. CHU WAN-MAN (Chan Shan Chung), who is the son of his designated heir, is made his successor.

MAN’s bodyguard NGO SIU-FUNG (Michael Tse) is ordered to search for CHEUNG’s lost will and in the course of his investigation, he gets to know the Prince of YIN CHU TAI’s (Joe Ma) counsellor, MA SAM-PO (Sammul Chan).

FUNG and PO appreciate and respect each other, but FUNG reminds himself not to drop his guard, as TAI is coveting the throne of MAN.

One day, FUNG loses his memory during a mission and has turned from a cruel person into a sympathy filled man. PRINCESS WING-YEUNG (Elanne Kwong) has never liked or trusted brocade guards so she tells PO, a good friend of hers, to guard against FUNG.

MAN still thinks very highly of FUNG, but FUNG has become distrustful since his accident and for a reason he does not know, he finds the mysterious SHUM TSIN-SAM (Kate Tsui) and TAI, to be familiar.

Later when he comes to know a secret mission, he is caught in a dilemma of anger and guilt.

Monga Yao Hui

Casts : Lee Wei, Michael Zhang, Jack Li, Lin Yi Xin, Liang You Lin

When Chen, Lu, Xu, and Yu were young, the four toughest kids in the neighborhood became sworn brothers and sister. Their parents, fearing that they would join a gang, intervened, and the kids went their separate ways. Years later, Xu’s engagement to the daughter of a local gangster brought them back together. The joy of their reunion was soon overshadowed by the threat of gangster reprisal when Chen rescued a singer, Lin, from being kidnapped by the son of a gangster boss.

Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei

Casts : Ma Tian Yu, Liu Shi Shi, Wallace Huo, Shi Xing Yu

As time approaches the airing of Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei in January, its opening theme by Hu Ge was released. As mentioned before, one specialty of the series is its use of manga strips to illustrate the series, making the wuxia story somewhat like a Western super hero. This is actually the second time production company Tangren has done this, with the first time being Wallace Huo’s 2003 series Westside Story. Coincidentally, the Korean adaptation Iljimae was actually adopted from a Korean manga that took the Ming dynasty tale of Yi Zhi Mei and made him Korean.

Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 2009

Casts : Deng Chao, Shi Lei, Ady An, Liu Jing, Guo Bai Lu

The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre takes place during 14th Century China during the Mongolian Yuan Dynasty, roughly 100 years after the events of Return of the Condor Heroes. After decades of struggles, famine, and bitterness which the Chinese citizens blamed on the Yuan Dynasty’s misgovernment, the Martial Arts sects have begun to rebel. Prince Ruyang asks Cheng Kun, a Shaolin monk with an ulterior motive, for a plan on how to deal with the rebels. “The wielder of Heavenly Sword and/or Dragon Sabre rules the world.” This well known legend in the Martial Arts community is the impetus for the tale of Zhang Wuji. The story begins with how his parents met, then tells his trials as an adolescent, proceeds to relate his rise to prominence and reveals the secret behind Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre and ends with the confluence of Wuji’s love life, the Martial Arts sects’ long standing grudges, and cruel fate..

Grace Under Fire

Casts : Liu Xuan, Kenneth Ma, Fala Chen, Bosco Wong, John Chiang, Elliot Ngok, Dominic Lam, Eddie Kwan

Mok Kwai-lan (Liu Xuan) is an ordinary girl working as a water labourer in one of Guangzhou’s most famous restaurants. She lives in a simple and steady lifestyle with her uncle, Mok Ping (Law Lok-lam), and Ping’s adopted son, Yau Sam-shui (Kenneth Ma). She is best friends with the beautiful Kwai Fa (Fala Chen), an assistant chef working in the same restaurant as her. Longing for Fa’s affections, Sam-shui hopes to become a student of Wong Fei-hung (John Chiang), the greatest martial artist of Guangzhou, in order to impress her. Kwai-lan, originally disinterested in martial arts, becomes spellbound by the sport after watching an intense fight between Fei-hung and Fok Koon-wai (Kenny Wong), a Mizongyi practitioner.

Fei-hung is touched by Sam-shui’s enthusiasm and agrees to teach him and Kwai-lan, but Ping is strongly against it. He believes they would become aggressive and domineering if they learned kung fu. Kwai-lan disagrees and argues that kung fu is for self protection. Her unyielding determination overwhelms Ping, and Kwai-lan learns from him that she is the only descendant of the Mok Gar family fighting style. As Kwai-lan’s father died from a kung fu match, Ping does not want Kwai-lan to meet the same fate. Fei-hung sees a lot of potential in Kwai-lan and convinces Ping to teach her the styles of Mok Gar. Ping finally agrees, simultaneously allowing Sam-shui to become Fei-hung’s student. Sam-shui, now proud and egotistical, begins abusing his newfound martial arts skill.

Meanwhile, Kwai-lan meets the unsociable and eccentric young boxer Lui Ching-lung (Bosco Wong) in an underground martial arts arena. As soon as she finds out that his father Lui Kong (Dominic Lam) is sick with leprosy, she immediately asks for Fei-hung’s help. However, Kong does not appreciate Fei-hung’s hospitality and blames him for destroying his family. Twenty years ago, Kong was once Guangzhou’s champion in the Lui Gar fighting style. Fei-hung, already famous for his martial arts in Foshan, challenged Kong to a duel. The two swore an oath: whoever lost the duel would have to leave Guangzhou. Fei-hung defeated Kong, but Kong’s wife fell ill, postponing his leave. Fei-hung, drunk from a celebratory dinner, disgraced Kong in public and claimed him to be dishonourable for not keeping his promises. In a rage, Kong quickly leaves the city by night with his sick wife and their infant son Ching-lung. As a result, Kong’s wife died and Kong contracted leprosy. From then on, Kong and Ching-lung struggle through a life of discrimination and instability.

Ching-lung, inexperienced in martial arts, seeks revenge for his father and attempts to kill Fei-hung in public, but is quickly defeated by Fei-hung. Fei-hung, however, apologises to Ching-lung for his mistakes and advises Ching-lung to pick up more martial arts before coming back for revenge. Ching-lung is touched by Fei-hung’s generosity and decides to become his student. He develops a crush on Kwai-lan, also winning the affections of Fa, much to Sam-shui’s jealousy. Kong, sick and shamed by losing to Fei-hung once again, attempts to commit suicide but is saved by Tong Yuet-hang (Elliot Ngok), Guangzhou’s chief commissioner. Yuet-hang talks Kong in starting his life over, and suggests him to rebuild the Lui Gar martial arts school in order to compete with Fei-hung’s Po Chi Lam. Amidst facing the threats and attacks against Po Chi Lam, Kwai-lan and Fei-hung grow closer. Kwai-lan not only helps Fei-hung in facing Kong’s duel challenge, she also saves Po Chi Lam from collapsing. The two begin to fall in love, and Kwai-lan, being forty years younger than Fei-hung, marries him despite Ping’s objections.

Jealous of Fa’s love for Ching-lung and exhausted from being constantly looked down upon, Sam-shui abandons Fei-hung and becomes Kong’s disciple, assisting Yuet-hang and Kong in tarnishing Po Chi Lam’s image. Fei-hung, weak from an injury, is defeated from a duel against Kong and loses his title as Guangzhou’s number one martial artist. As he watches Yuet-hang and Kong’s corrupted governance over Guangzhou, Fei-hung falls fatally ill. Before he dies, Fei-hung teaches all his knowledge of medicine and martial arts to Kwai-lan. For more power, Sam-shui marries Yuet-hang’s daughter Shuet-kiu (Kaki Leung). He becomes a spy for the Japanese merchant Tokugawa Kazuo and gains control of all of Yuet-hang’s business and political jobs, later becoming the co-mayor of Guangzhou. The Japanese merchants and fighters gain control of Guangzhou’s economy and martial arts schools, forcing Po Chi Lam out of business. In an attempt to protect himself and his daughter, Yuet-hang tries to release information of Sam-shui’s secret collaborations with the Japanese to the public, but is murdered by Sam-shui before he could do so. Kwai-lan, hiding in Foshan with Ching-lung, returns to Guangzhou and wins in a fight with the Japanese martial artists, reviving the pride of Chinese martial arts. She finds evidence of Sam-shui’s crimes and tries to convince him back on the right path. Sam-shui, already maniacal and in a point of no return, starts a fire to burn Po Chi Lam down to the ground.

The Legend of Cheng Ho


Casts : Gallen Lo sebagai Cheng Ho, Tang Guoqiang sebagai Kaisar Yungle, Yu Xiaohui sebagai Permaisuri Xu, Du Yulu sebagai Yao Guangxiao

Diceritakan Cheng Ho adalah seorang kasim, utusan Negara sekaligus pelaut yang hidup tahun 1371-1433 sepanjang Dinasti Ming. Ma He adalah bocah yang menjadi tawanan perang Yung Le saat masih menjadi Jenderal. Bersama ratusan bocah tawanan lainnya, Ma He dijadikan kasim yang bertugas melayani keluarga Yung Le. Selain Ma He, ada juga pelayan wanita, Song Lianxin, yang dekat dengan Ma He bahkan mereka pernah dituduh pacaran. Tapi karena Ma He seorang kasim yang sudah dikebiri sehingga tidak mungkin menikah, mereka yakin tuduhan tersebut tidak benar, dan Ma He dan Lianxin hanya saling menganggap saudara.
Kesetiaan Ma He kepada Yung Le dibuktikan ketika kaisar Cung Wen yang juga keponakan Yung Le menuduhnya memberontak. Atas nasihat seorang biksu Yao, yang juga menjadi guru Ma He, Yung Le akhirnya mengadakan perlawanan. Dia berhasil mengalahkan tentara kerajaan dan memaksa kaisar meninggalkan istana. Yung Le menjadi kaisar meski semula tidak berniat untuk itu. Ma He dianugerahi marga baru, Cheng. Sejak itulah namanya berubah menjadi Cheng Ho.
Selama memerintah, Yung Le membuat banyak terobosan, salah satu di antaranya adalah membuat kapal dan memerintahkan utusan untuk melaut, menjalin persahabatan dengan Negara lain di Asia. Padahal, Negara China secara turun-temurun mengeluarkan peraturan melarang melaut. Banyak pejabat menentang keputusannya. Cheng Ho mengajukan diri untuk melaut, meski ada ancaman hukuman mati bagi mereka yang melaut.
Cheng Ho pun diutus memimpin kapal yang melaut. Cing Hung dan Wu Sien menjadi wakilnya. Mereka mengalami banyak hal selama di laut dan mengunjungi banyak Negara. Termasuk dijebak kelompok perompak pimpinan Cui yang berpura-pura menjadi pelajar. Cui bahkan membujuk Wu Sien yang memang tidak menyukai Cheng Ho untuk membantu mereka. Cheng Ho hampir kehilangan nyawa karena ditinggalkan Wu Sien. Untungnya, dia bisa selamat. Wu Sien dihukum untuk menangkap Cui dan membawanya kembali ke Cina untuk diadili.
Cheng Ho berhasil menangkap Cui. Banyak negara di Asia merasa berterimakasih. Para utusan pun mengunjungi Negara Ming. Mereka bersedia menjalin persahabatan dan bekerjasama dalam perdagangan. Tapi kedatangan mereka mengundang pro dan kontra karena budaya dan kebiasaan yang berbeda.
Selain mendapat tantangan masalah melaut, rencananya memindah ibukota juga banyak dikritis banyak pejabat. Belum lagi dia pusing dengan pemilihan penerus tahta yang menjadi putra mahkota. Dia punya 2 putra, Kau Ce dan Kau Si. Menurut peraturan, Kau Ce yang akan menggantikannya, tapi Kau Ce menentangnya tentang masalah melaut. Sementara Kau Se menyetujui masalah melaut, tapi sangat berambisi memiliki kekuasaan bahkan berniat memberontak.
Cheng Ho sempat 6 kali diutus melaut. Ketika melaut untuk ke-6 kali, dia mendapat kabar kaisar sakit, sementara dia mendapat ancaman perang dari Negara di bagian utara. Mendengar ini, Cheng Ho pulang, tapi malah ditangkap karena dianggap pulang pada saat belum diperintahkan. Dia dilarang melaut lagi. Padahal, Sung Tien, putra Lienxin ditinggal di Pulau Mokan untuk menjaga asset kerajaan. Saat itu juga, Kaisar Yung Le tutup usia, Kau Ce naik tahta. Dia kembali menerapkan peraturan melarang melaut. Atas nasihat pejabat yang semula menentang melaut, tapi akhirnya menyadari manfaat melaut, Cheng Ho memilih bersabar dan menerima hukuman.
Ternyata Kau Ce tidak lama memerintah karena sakit dan meninggal. Putranya yang dididik langsung Yung Le naik tahta. Dia melanjutkan kebijakan kakeknya untuk melaut, dan mengutus Cheng Ho untuk melaut lagi. Cheng Ho meninggal dalam pelayaran.