Wax and Wane


Casts : Roger Kwok, Ron Ng, Sunny Chan, Kate Tsui, Toby Leung, Lau Siu Ming, Florence Kwok, Derek Kok, Him Law, Benz Hui, Oscar Leung, Irene Wong, Claire Yiu, Mannor Chan, Chau Chung

Yung Shing Fun (Lau Siu Ming) and his cousin Man Wing Cheong (Chow Chung) have been at odds for years, over the trade name rights of their family’s noodle shop.

Yung Yi Tsun (Roger Kwok), Fun’s eldest son engages in a property development project in order to solve the problem. Unwillingly, he offers to buy out the location of Cheong’s noodle shop with his company’s shares. He also invites Cheong and his son, Man Ka Fung (Sunny Chan), to join the company’s management.

Tsun actually has ulterior motives for doing this, as he hates Fung to the core for marrying his girlfriend Ko Wai Ting (Kwok Siu Wan). On top of this, Tsun’s younger brother, Yung Yi-Hang (Ron Ng), is going out with Cheong’s second daughter, Man Ka Fu (Kate Tsui), regardless of his family’s opposition.

Now, Tsun is at his wits’ end as he has to handle his family issues single-handedly. He never understood what family ties really meant, nor had he the courage to try to find it out, until now.


Sunshine Angel


Casts : Nikki Deng, George Hu, Genie cho, Rainie Yang, Wu chun, Na wei Xun

Wu Chun plays a second generation entrepreneur who ended up living in the streets after going bankrupt and Rainie plays a maid.

Sunshine is a poor, but cheerful Japanese girl who lives with her sacrificing, loving Grandmother. Despite the fact that they love her, her parents are extremely irresponsible con-men and have left her with a hundred-thousand yen debt. Her debtors finally give her an ultimatum– if she doesn’t pay her parent’s debt, she must go to jail for 300 days or become a maid for a rich family, using her wages to pay the debt.
She agrees to become a maid, but before she can leave Yaxin, (the wealthy CEO of “A Lovera,” a beauty-products company), falls through the roof of her straw-thatched shower. It turns out he was parachuting, but his balloon broke. After she threatens him with the wrath of an army of Japanese grandparents, he apologizes to her bathroom.

Unfortunately for her, he turns out to be her new boss. Though at first he scorns her for dressing like a Grandma and she thinks he’s a pampered, unreasonable child, as days pass they fall in love with each other.
During this time, Gun Fei, who is Yaxin’s childhood friend, is secretly plotting to destroy Yaxin. Though he has moments of uncertainty about what he’s doing, he’s spurred on by his dad’s commands and his love for Angela–who loves Yaxin and does everything she can to be by his side. Despite all three being childhood friends, Angela never seemed to notice that Gun Fei has loved her ever since she began loving Yaxin.
Despite her obvious affection, Yaxin is preoccupied with his work and doesn’t spend time with her–causing her to react jealously when she realizes that he actually spends more time with Sunshine. As Sunshine continues to work for him, her infectious optimism begins to grow on Yaxin and he starts to fall in love with her.

Angela, desperate, then announces her engagement to Yaxin, lying to her mother, (who has been like a mother to Yaxin ever since his own parents died), that she’s already talked to Yaxin. She also acidentally kills Sunshine’s grandmother after hitting her with her car. Gun Fei uses this to force her to leave and study for a year, telling her that he can’t bear to see her with a man who doesn’t love her. Sunshine, who has paid off her debt, also disappears for a year after she finds out that Yaxin is getting engaged.

A year later, due to chance, they all meet up again. Yaxin tells Angela that he doesn’t love her and plans to propose to Sunshine under the pretense of selling her back her house–which he bought after her parents sold it. Unfortunately, Go Fai has become powerful enough to bankrupt both he and Angela’s mom, who owns the other half of the company. Angela strikes to killing blow by giving Gun Fei both her mom’s and Yaxin’s flashdrives– which Gun Fei promptly destroys. Yaxin is soon removed from his status in the company, his house becomes foreclosed, and he becomes a homeless heir. In this time, Yang Guang is there to help him through his rough times and they bond even more and work together to help YaXin take back the company

Ghetto Justice


Casts : Sam Lee, Kevin Cheng, Myolie Wu, Sharon Chan, Joyce Tang, Jazz Lam, Mandy Wong, Eddie Kwan

Law Lik-ah (Kevin Cheng) used to practice law for personal fame and glory but after setting up a Legal Advice Centre with his cousin George Mai (Alex Lam) and his good friend Tin Ka-fu (Sam Lee) in Sham Shui Po, Lik-ah changes his mind and realizes that legal representation is not only a privilege of the rich.

Soon, Lik-ah becomes the Peoples’ Hero of Sham Shui Po, helping grassroots groups fight against injustice with unconventional tactics.

On the other hand, barrister Wong Si-fu (Myolie Wu), who used to admire Lik-ah for his invincible performances, starts to disdain him for downgrading to a ghetto lawyer. However, after a few court cases with him, the two start to appreciate each other and fall in love.

Besides succeeding in her relationship, Si-fu tries to become an elite practitioner in town. In order to gain advancement, she seizes every chance to get close to the renowned barrister Cheung Pak-kei (Shek Sau). As Pak-kei enjoys getting people into trouble, he makes sure Si-fu is accidentally embroiled in a lawsuit.

In order to save Si-fu, Lik-ah has no choice but to challenge the law.

Yes Sir Sorry Sir


Casts : Moses Chan, Tavia Yeung, Ron Ng, Linda Chung

Despite the fact that he comes from a long line of disciplined workers, LAW YIU-WAH (Moses Chan) is a teacher of a notorious school. One day, he was urged to resign after being vilified by his students as a peeping Tom.

At present, the triads have expanded their drug network at local schools. WAH, who has turned a cop, is told to go undercover at the school where he used to teach.

At school, he is impressed by the enthusiasm of a new teacher HO MIU-SUET (Tavia Yeung). He also comes to realize he was too strict with his students in the past. With a determination to boost students’ confidence, SUET invites bowling expert KOO KA-LAM (Linda Chung) to teach bowling at the school.

When LAM learns about her triad background, he decides to go after her hoping to learn more about the triads. LAM also finds himself in a contest of wits with Inspector CHING MAN-LIK (Ron Ng), who has been assigned to work as a liaison officer at the school.

On one hand, MAN is attracted to SUET but on the other, she only loves WAH. All of a sudden, WAH, SUET, LAM and LIK find themselves involved in a complicated love polygon.

“Sesungguhnya Yiu Wah (Lo Sir) berasal dari keluarga pekerja disiplin. Dia, bagaimanapun, adalah guru dari sebuah sekolah negeri terkenal. Suatu hari, ia didesak untuk mengundurkan diri setelah muridnya menuduhnya menjadi tom mengintip. Setelah mengundurkan diri, Lo Sir memutuskan untuk mengejar impiannya menjadi seorang perwira polisi. Dia bukan yang ditawarkan untuk menjadi polisi menyamar sebagai triad telah memperluas jaringan mereka ke sekolah. Lo Sir adalah dipindahkan kembali ke sekolah mantan, Lam Tin Kwong. Setelah kembali Lo Sir bertemu dengan guru baru, Ho Miu gemuk (Miss Ho), dan terkesan oleh gairah dan antusiasme.
Sir lo juga belajar bahwa dia terlalu ketat dengan murid-muridnya di masa lalu dan mencoba untuk berteman dengan mereka. Miss Ho bertekad untuk meningkatkan kepercayaan murid-muridnya dan mengundang ahli bowling, Koo Ka Lam untuk melatih mereka. Ketika Lo Sir tahu tentang latar belakang tiga serangkai Miss Koo, ia memutuskan untuk mengejar nya, berharap untuk mengetahui lebih banyak tentang triad. Sir lo juga menemukan dirinya dalam kompetisi melawan Inspektur Ching Lik Man, yang telah ditugaskan sebagai petugas penghubung baru untuk sekolah. Inspektur Ching tertarik pada Miss Ho, tapi dia hanya memiliki mata dan hati untuk Lo Sir. Perlahan mereka berempat, Lo Sir, Miss Ho, Miss Koo dan Inspektur Ching menemukan diri mereka terlibat dalam cinta segi empat yang rumit.

The Threshold of a Persona


Casts : Roger Kwok, Patrick Tang, Raymond Cho, Yoyo Mung

First TV series with immigration work Top confidential of Hong Kong’s border security

Immigration Department is guarding the door of Hong Kong, and seeks out to prevent doubtful identities and criminals from entering Hong Kong. It only not creates a highly demanding task for immigration officer and also raises a further question – how will they make identity verification as accurate as possible?

FONG TSUN KIT (Kwok Chun On) becomes friends with two other candidates CHENG PAK YUE (Cho Wing Lim) and YIP ON KEI (Mung Ka Wai, Yoyo) while applying for a post in the Immigration Department. YU is an aggressive person. He later moves to the Police Force and is promoted to Senior Inspector of Regional Crime Unit. While investigating a murder case, he realizes that the new gang leader WU KIT SUM (Wong Tak Bun) has killed somebody because of KIT’s wife. It totally turns KIT’s life upside down. As a good friend, KEI helps KIT take care of his son after a failed relationship with YU. When two hearts meet, an extraordinary link spontaneously draws them together. Meanwhile, AU SHUN FUNG (Patrick Tang) appreciates KIT’s ability very much and recommends him to MAK KAI MING (John Chiang), Head of Investigation Section. KIT gains approval and he is determined to start anew. While carrying out an investigation on a fraud syndicate, he comes upon his missing wife and uncovers her long-hidden identity.

3S Lady


Casts : Dai Jiao Qian, Victor Huang, Yoyo Mung, Qian Yong Chen

Wushu Cheng Fei-Fei and Gu close to the Inner, relationships like the princess and her maid. Association on a college, Feifei Gu and Wu Shu outstanding common spotted appearance Zhou Huiming. Pretty easily Zhou Huiming happen, no matter Feifei Gu, Feifei Gu Wu Shu from the friendship with burst! Looking Back Fifi seven celebrates its 30th birthday. That day, she was laid off single. Feifei Gu determined to marry before the end of their own. She went to a company candidates, was surprised to find that his immediate superior was abandoned years ago by Zhou Huiming; and Zhou Huiming wife is Wu Shu.

WU Shu-love thing for the year vowing to drive away wins Feifei Gu. Xue Chan, general manager of the care of Fifi love offensive launched! Feifei Gu Xue unknowingly fell in love with Chan, and the design of a project to help the company Xue Chan out of the predicament. Feifei Gu tired of fighting after the company left the company, do not want to design their own products are well received and return the company to find Xue Can, originally all had settled, two well-being hugged.

Feifei Gu older woman left, day care lady forced to be around a blind date blind date in the chance to know “vagrants” Can Xue (Huang Weide), and Can Xue Xue old lady, and his fiancee in the design of related Yaqin forced to take over the company under Since then, “vagrants” to become chairman. Yaqin surprised to discover that Feifei Gu Guan, Xue Chan has long been recognized, and Can Xue has been secretly helping care Fifi, and she began to pull out all the stops with the care of Fifi for a beautiful emotional struggle between the workplace.

At this time the immediate supervisor Zhou Huiming Gu Fei-fei is the college boyfriend, and the week is a good friend’s wife Wu Shu, and Fei-Fei and Zhou Huiming Gu year break is due to Wu Shu’s framed. When they meet again years later, the Wu Shuhuai suspect they adjourned to the front, then declared war on Feifei Gu, Feifei Gu began frantic revenge. Feifei Gu rabbit new colleagues, is the care of Fifi’s Shimei, who set all the shortcomings in a woman is in the office most rapid way to spread rumors. Feifei Gu arrival, his achievements for all to see, the rabbit was placed only do their assistants, rabbit disguised as a simple on the surface of the rabbit, secretly launched rivalry with the care of Fifi. Running out of the two old ladies have joined, even more so if the circumstances are ups and endless.

The Four Brothers of Peking


Casts : Yang Mi, Fu Dalong, Zhou Jie, Chi Shuai, Mickey Yuan

Set during the end of the Qing dynasty, court official Tong Shan loses three of his four sons during an attack by bandits while returning to the capital, Beijing. He is left with his youngest son Tong Yu Guan and for 20 years, he searches in vain for the rest of his sons using his only link to them – through their individual jade pendants. Unknown to him, his 3 older sons were adopted by various people and are living in the capital as well.