Royal Tatoo

Casts : Huang Xiaolei, Zhang Tong, Liu Hua, Wang Qian, Dai Jun, Wang Jinsong, Da Zhang Wei

Film gathered a large Wei, Liu Hua, Huang Xiaolei a public noisy to assassinate Yuan Costume for a story of breathtaking twists and turns it amusing.

AD 1898, due to Yuan informants, the Hundred Days Reform failed, Guangxu emperor was imprisoned in Yingtai Empress. Maintenance of the palace of Lu 2 generation mason origin, in order to take over the rest of Yuanmingyuan project, the plan will be plotting the Emperor Kuang Hsu tattoo in a bid to rob money shops to enter the grounds of the University of disabilities Tianlao rescue. Tianjin bully Xu Mito被震Nancheng red because of seats and seize territory and the men in the west, south and beat the storm, he found, I tried to kill in red when the cop formoe been arrested as a reformist faction which enter Tianlao.


The Four Brothers of Peking


Casts : Yang Mi, Fu Dalong, Zhou Jie, Chi Shuai, Mickey Yuan

Set during the end of the Qing dynasty, court official Tong Shan loses three of his four sons during an attack by bandits while returning to the capital, Beijing. He is left with his youngest son Tong Yu Guan and for 20 years, he searches in vain for the rest of his sons using his only link to them – through their individual jade pendants. Unknown to him, his 3 older sons were adopted by various people and are living in the capital as well.

Kungfu Kid

Casts : Pinko Izumi, Mari Yaguchi, Zhang Zhuang

A little Shaolin/Kung-fu genius, Kung Fu is blown away to Japan by his master from China to defeat the “last opponent” in order to be conferred full Mastership of Kung Fu. Appealed by his spirit and charm, Tai Chi skilled Izumi and her grand daughter Reiko take care of Kung Fu, as he searches for his last opponent. When Reiko is abducted by evil organization, Kung Fu finally finds out who his last opponent is.

Huo Yuan Jia


Casts : Ekin Cheng, Ding Li, Bryan Leung, Ge Lei, Lee Yiu Ging, Chen Kai, Liu Jia Rong, Zhou Mu Yin, Xiu Qing, Jordan Chan, Qu Yue, Liu Wei Hua, Wang Fei Hong, Yuan Shun Yi, Zhang Song Wen, Ben Ng

Huo En Di and Zhao Sheng Xian were once disciples in the same martial arts sect who were as close as brothers. However, that all changed after their dying shifu chose En Di as his successor with no witnesses except En Di present at his deathbed. Since then, the Huo and Zhao families have been at odds and periodically compete against each other in martial arts showdowns. Huo Yuan Jia, En Di’s 4th son, was a sickly child. Therefore, his father never taught him martial arts and instead instructed him to pursue a scholarly path. This hurt Yuan Jia’s pride and he secretly began learning martial arts from a mysterious master who had saved his life. One day during one of the usual feud-driven showdowns, En Di and Sheng Xian’s eldest disciple brother makes a surprise appearance with revenge in mind, as he feels he should have been the rightful successor of their original sect. When it seems that no one can defeat him, Yuan Jia is forced to reveal the martial arts prowess he had kept hidden for years.

Relic of an Emissary

Casts : Joe Ma, Michael Tse, Kate Tsui, Sammul Chan, Ellane Kwong, Joel Chan, Chan Chin Pang, Lau Kong

The founder and first emperor of the Ming Dynasty, CHU YUEN-CHEUNG have just passed away. CHU WAN-MAN (Chan Shan Chung), who is the son of his designated heir, is made his successor.

MAN’s bodyguard NGO SIU-FUNG (Michael Tse) is ordered to search for CHEUNG’s lost will and in the course of his investigation, he gets to know the Prince of YIN CHU TAI’s (Joe Ma) counsellor, MA SAM-PO (Sammul Chan).

FUNG and PO appreciate and respect each other, but FUNG reminds himself not to drop his guard, as TAI is coveting the throne of MAN.

One day, FUNG loses his memory during a mission and has turned from a cruel person into a sympathy filled man. PRINCESS WING-YEUNG (Elanne Kwong) has never liked or trusted brocade guards so she tells PO, a good friend of hers, to guard against FUNG.

MAN still thinks very highly of FUNG, but FUNG has become distrustful since his accident and for a reason he does not know, he finds the mysterious SHUM TSIN-SAM (Kate Tsui) and TAI, to be familiar.

Later when he comes to know a secret mission, he is caught in a dilemma of anger and guilt.

Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei

Casts : Ma Tian Yu, Liu Shi Shi, Wallace Huo, Shi Xing Yu

As time approaches the airing of Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei in January, its opening theme by Hu Ge was released. As mentioned before, one specialty of the series is its use of manga strips to illustrate the series, making the wuxia story somewhat like a Western super hero. This is actually the second time production company Tangren has done this, with the first time being Wallace Huo’s 2003 series Westside Story. Coincidentally, the Korean adaptation Iljimae was actually adopted from a Korean manga that took the Ming dynasty tale of Yi Zhi Mei and made him Korean.

Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 2009

Casts : Deng Chao, Shi Lei, Ady An, Liu Jing, Guo Bai Lu

The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre takes place during 14th Century China during the Mongolian Yuan Dynasty, roughly 100 years after the events of Return of the Condor Heroes. After decades of struggles, famine, and bitterness which the Chinese citizens blamed on the Yuan Dynasty’s misgovernment, the Martial Arts sects have begun to rebel. Prince Ruyang asks Cheng Kun, a Shaolin monk with an ulterior motive, for a plan on how to deal with the rebels. “The wielder of Heavenly Sword and/or Dragon Sabre rules the world.” This well known legend in the Martial Arts community is the impetus for the tale of Zhang Wuji. The story begins with how his parents met, then tells his trials as an adolescent, proceeds to relate his rise to prominence and reveals the secret behind Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre and ends with the confluence of Wuji’s love life, the Martial Arts sects’ long standing grudges, and cruel fate..